Gift and Loyalty Cards

Through extensive market research and intelligent business relationships, Bank Card Systems has managed to reduce the cost of this service to make it cost-effective for small retail and even start-up merchants. We offer both standardized and customized gift card packages. Aside from its inherent applications, gift cards can also be used as substitutes for cash when issuing refunds, promotions, and generating additional revenue from non-redeemed cards.

Which merchants would benefit from gift cards?

Small and large retailers, restaurants, and franchises can all benefit from a gift card program. Gift cards work well to replace traditional paper gift certificates.

Which merchants would benefit from loyalty cards?

Car washes, delis, restaurants, retailers, dry cleaners, membership clubs, and other merchants that depend on and reward repeat business.

Why do merchants benefit from Gift and Loyalty Cards?

  • Generates money for merchants
  • Great advertising pieces
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the country
  • Generates an additional 100% profit for the merchant on unredeemed and expired cards
  • Great hand-outs for promotional events
  • Can be used for store credit in place of cash or refunds on returned merchandise
  • Compatible with almost all existing terminals
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