Trusted by over 300,000 merchants, Bank Card Systems has established a direct relationship with Authorize.Net, providing multiple options for payment solutions to internet based merchants. Bank Card Systems FREE E-commerce setup solution enable internet merchants to securely accept all major credit cards 24 hours a day. We offer secure, scalable solutions that enable merchants to process unlimited transactions from anywhere.

Virtual Terminal

Bank Card Systems enables merchants to submit transactions manually via a secure Web browser using the Virtual Terminal or Batch Upload tool. This feature is ideal for merchants that service mail or telephone orders. Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload are included with every Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account.
  • Easy to Use – Authorize.Net merchants access the Virtual Terminal through the Web-based Merchant Interface. Transactions are immediately submitted for authorization and settlement each day
  • Unlimited Users – A single payment gateway account allows multiple users across a merchant’s network or call center
  • Stability and Reliability – The Authorize.Net platform rivals those of the largest e-commerce, trading, and portal Web sites. Our system handles millions of transactions every month, and is continuously monitored for performance
  • Industry-Leading Security – Customers can be confident that their data is secure. Authorize.Net protects sensitive customer information using the highest levels of encryption and security protocols available in the industry


Bank Card Systems provides an exclusive, fully integrated electronic check payment method, eCheck.Net. Using eCheck.Net, merchants can accept and process payments from consumer and corporate bank accounts directly from their Web site or through the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal. By accepting electronic checks, you expand the payment options available to new and existing customers, enhancing customer loyalty and potentially increasing sales.
  • Lower Fees – Lower rates than credit cards or PayPal
  • More Efficient – eCheck.Net does everything online, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of manually processing paper checks and waiting for checks in the mail
  • Fully Integrated Solution – No third-party integration required—implementing eCheck.Net is easy for merchants already using the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Reporting – Provides a combined view of all eCheck.Net and credit card payment transactions. Reconcile payment and billing activity using online reports and statements
  • Ship Product Sooner – Improved up-front transaction validation that returns the status of transactions faster
  • Security – Authorize.Net uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions

Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Billing is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription-based, transactions. You can take advantage of the Automated Recurring Billing’s flexible features to enhance customer service and build customer loyalty, while reducing authorization declines and overall administrative costs.
  • Improve Billing Efficiency – Once a subscription begins, no additional labor is required through the life of the subscription. ARB also includes the ability to customize trial periods and pricing
  • Improve Security – Eliminates the need to store sensitive data on computer systems, reducing the risk of compromised customer information
  • Enhance Loyalty – ARB allows you to provide customers with a flexible, no-hassle billing plan using either a credit card or our exclusive electronic check service, eCheck.Net®
  • Reduce Costs – ARB eliminates many of the costs associated with manual billing, with no additional per-transaction fee. In addition, ARB helps you effectively manage your subscriptions with e-mail notifications of upcoming credit card and/or subscription expirations



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