Credit Card Processing

With over 15 years of Merchant Services experience we have established a direct relationship with Visa, MasterCard,, and equipment manufacturers, which gave us the competitive edge over most merchant account providers. Therefore, when you sign up with us you get the benefits of having our LOWEST CREDIT CARD PROCESSING RATES IN THE INDUSTRY at QUALITY SERVICE with your choice of state-of-the-Art FREE EQUIPMENT, FREE CASH REGISTER WITH INTEGRATED CREDIT CARD PROCESSINGFREE TOUCH SCREEN POINT SALE SYSTEMFREE MOBILE SWIPER (FOR YOUR IPHONE/IPAD/IPOD OR ANDROID), FREE ONLINE VIRTUAL TERMINALFREE ONLINE ECHECKS ACCEPTANCE SETUPand FREE ONLINE REPORTING TOOL.


Many merchant account providers promise you the world just to set you up with a merchant account and lock you into a long term contract. Other merchant account providers will offer you attractive low processing rates cheap rates, and after 30 or 60 days those rates go sky high. They are only introductory rates given to you until you sign up, locking you to a few years contract.

Bank Card Systems is a revolutionary in the industry; WE MAKE IT ALL ABOUT YOU!!

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Enhance your business and increase sales by updating your equipment and adopting new technology. Bank Card Systems offers FREE of charge, high-speed, user-friendly, high performance electronic terminals with our Free Equipment Program.

This integrated technology is the first of its kind and eliminates the need for a separate credit card terminal at your business location. You will now have the ability to handle all transactions directly through this advanced ECR

Mobile card swipers are one of the newest technologies available in the secure electronic payments industry, and Bank Card Systems really delivers with an exciting mobile application that will help grow your business.


POS Systems

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are designed with features and capabilities that will revolutionize your business. Choose which POS system best fits your business needs!


Enhance your business and increase sales by updating your equipment and adopting new technology. Bank Card Systems offers FREE of charge, high-speed, user-friendly, high performance electronic terminals with our Free Equipment Program.

IP and Landline Terminals


PAX S80Vx520 Credit Card Machine

The FREE PAX S80 offers a choice of two connectivity options: Ethernet and dial. This EMV, Apple Pay™ Ready terminal offers the latest and most reliable security protection.

Wireless Terminal  



The FREE PAX D210 allows you to accept payments in any location where traditional network connectivity is unavailable (outdoor venues, sporting events, kiosks, food carts, and open markets).

Call today and take advantage of the followng benefits:

  • FREE state of the art equipment
  • Accept all major credit/debit cards
  • High speed processing
  • User friendly
  • Reliable security protection
  • Instant authorization
  • 24/7 customer/technical support

Contact Bank Card Systems today to add the new, versatile terminal to your location absolutely free of charge!

Cash Register

Bank Card Systems has combined state-of-the-art electronic cash register (ECR) equipment with integrated credit card processing to deliver the ultimate payment solution, completely FREE of charge!



You will now have the ability to handle all transactions directly through this advanced ECR. Additionally, the keyboard layout will be individually customized to meet your unique transaction needs. Complete with a cash drawer and backlit customer display, this free cash register is an excellent solution for all restaurant or retail establishments.

  • Large memory capacity
  • Dial-Up or Ethernet connection
  • Large LCD display
  • Three function keys
  • Multi-application support
  • Rugged and stylish
  • Heavy duty cash drawer
  • Drop and load thermal printer
  • 72 flat keys
  • PCI PED compliant


Enjoy all the functionality of an electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing at no cost to you!

BCS Mobile Solution

Mobile payments are one of the newest technologies available in the secure electronic payments industry, and Bank Card Systems really delivers with an exciting application that will help grow your business.

Get the FREE mobile card swiper, download the FREE application from the Apple Store or Android Market, and start processing today!

Take advantage of the following:

  • Complete payment solution
  • Highly secure payment system
  • Just swipe! Eliminate typing errors
  • Portable and sleep design
  • User friendly
  • FREE app in Appstore and Android Market
  • Customer database

Call us to today to sign up and begin to accept credit cards on mobile devices.



Trusted by over 300,000 merchants, Bank Card Systems has established a direct relationship with Authorize.Net, providing multiple options for payment solutions to internet based merchants. Bank Card Systems FREE E-commerce setup solution enable internet merchants to securely accept all major credit cards 24 hours a day. We offer secure, scalable solutions that enable merchants to process unlimited transactions from anywhere.

Virtual Terminal

Bank Card Systems enables merchants to submit transactions manually via a secure Web browser using the Virtual Terminal or Batch Upload tool. This feature is ideal for merchants that service mail or telephone orders. Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload are included with every Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account.

  • Easy to Use – Authorize.Net merchants access the Virtual Terminal through the Web-based Merchant Interface. Transactions are immediately submitted for authorization and settlement each day
  • Unlimited Users – A single payment gateway account allows multiple users across a merchant's network or call center
  • Stability and Reliability – The Authorize.Net platform rivals those of the largest e-commerce, trading, and portal Web sites. Our system handles millions of transactions every month, and is continuously monitored for performance
  • Industry-Leading Security – Customers can be confident that their data is secure. Authorize.Net protects sensitive customer information using the highest levels of encryption and security protocols available in the industry


Bank Card Systems provides an exclusive, fully integrated electronic check payment method, eCheck.Net. Using eCheck.Net, merchants can accept and process payments from consumer and corporate bank accounts directly from their Web site or through the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal. By accepting electronic checks, you expand the payment options available to new and existing customers, enhancing customer loyalty and potentially increasing sales.

  • Lower Fees – Lower rates than credit cards or PayPal
  • More Efficient – eCheck.Net does everything online, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of manually processing paper checks and waiting for checks in the mail
  • Fully Integrated Solution – No third-party integration required—implementing eCheck.Net is easy for merchants already using the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Reporting – Provides a combined view of all eCheck.Net and credit card payment transactions. Reconcile payment and billing activity using online reports and statements
  • Ship Product Sooner – Improved up-front transaction validation that returns the status of transactions faster
  • Security – Authorize.Net uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions

Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Billing is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription-based, transactions. You can take advantage of the Automated Recurring Billing's flexible features to enhance customer service and build customer loyalty, while reducing authorization declines and overall administrative costs.

  • Improve Billing Efficiency – Once a subscription begins, no additional labor is required through the life of the subscription. ARB also includes the ability to customize trial periods and pricing
  • Improve Security – Eliminates the need to store sensitive data on computer systems, reducing the risk of compromised customer information
  • Enhance Loyalty – ARB allows you to provide customers with a flexible, no-hassle billing plan using either a credit card or our exclusive electronic check service, eCheck.Net®
  • Reduce Costs – ARB eliminates many of the costs associated with manual billing, with no additional per-transaction fee. In addition, ARB helps you effectively manage your subscriptions with e-mail notifications of upcoming credit card and/or subscription expirations

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Through extensive market research and intelligent business relationships, Bank Card Systems has managed to reduce the cost of this service to make it cost-effective for small retail and even start-up merchants. We offer both standardized and customized gift card packages. Aside from its inherent applications, gift cards can also be used as substitutes for cash when issuing refunds, promotions, and generating additional revenue from non-redeemed cards.

Which merchants would benefit from gift cards?

Small and large retailers, restaurants, and franchises can all benefit from a gift card program. Gift cards work well to replace traditional paper gift certificates.

Which merchants would benefit from loyalty cards?

Car washes, delis, restaurants, retailers, dry cleaners, membership clubs, and other merchants that depend on and reward repeat business.

Why do merchants benefit from Gift and Loyalty Cards?

  •     Generates money for merchants
  •     Great advertising pieces
  •     Encourage repeat business
  •     Fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the country
  •     Generates an additional 100% profit for the merchant on unredeemed and expired cards
  •     Great hand-outs for promotional events
  •     Can be used for store credit in place of cash or refunds on returned merchandise
  •     Compatible with almost all existing terminals

Want to accept gift cards? Sign up with us today and receive 50 FREE to start!

Check Services

Merchants can see immediate protection from bounced checks and time saving by using Check Guarantee or Conversion services. Check Guarantee and Conversion offers a wealth of services beyond the basic protection from accepting check payment from customers. The service also offers flexible payment options for your customers.

Check Guarantee

Guarantee service can be easily added to your existing credit card system. Checks can be manually entered or swiped through a reader for approval. Losses and fees from bounced checks can be eliminated overnight. 

With check guarantee technology, merchants can accept checks in the same way as they would accept a credit card

Check Guarantee Program Highlights

  • Guarantee against bounced checks and NSF fees
  • Checks must be deposited at merchants bank
  • Check writer information verified against national negative database
  • 24-Hour customer service and technical support
  • Online & paper reporting
  • Check reader is recommended but not required
  • Stop Payment Protection
  • Checks on delivery
  • Pay Over Time - 90 Days Same-as-Cash Check Guarantee Protection
  • Check Guarantee on the Comstar Wireless terminal
  • Check Guarantee on a Virtual Terminal
  • 10% fewer declines than our competition

Electronic Check Conversion

Accept checks at the point-of-sale just like credit cards.  Electronic Check Conversion can be easily added to your existing credit card system. The process is very simple and requires an imager/reader to be attached to your terminal (Imager is provided for free with a new merchant account).

Check Conversion Program Highlights

  • Guarantee against bounced checks and NSF fees
  • Checks processed like credit cards with greater merchant protection
  • Funds automatically deposited into merchants bank account
  • Checks are processed electronically at the point-of-sale
  • Check writer information verified against national negative database
  • 24-hour customer service and technical support
  • Online and paper statement reporting
  • Requires a check imager to be attached to credit card terminal


Contact Bank Card Systems today to take advantage of these check services and put an end to bounced checks!

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