How to Scale a small business in 2019

There are many struggles that come along with owning a small business, and this is especially true in the 2019 “digital era” that we reside in. Old methods of driving foot traffic have begun to dwindle and give rise to new tactics revolving around digital media and online presence. This not only effects your marketing strategies but ultimately your businesses revenue. In order to stay afloat in this day and age, you must not only provide an impeccable product or service, but you have to think “business-minded”. This means cutting unnecessary costs, pinpointing your weak points, and then putting in the time and effort required to find cheaper solutions.
This is where Bank Card Systems comes in. For the past 15 years, we have been working with small to mid-sized businesses in order to provide them the most cost-efficient solution when it comes to processing credit cards. Regardless of your industry, in 2019, not accepting credit cards is not an option. The primary problem business owners are facing is the fact that the “big” credit card processing companies (Square, First Data, etc) start out cheap, however, end up taking a larger cut of your profits than intended, and are riddled with hidden fees.
While it may seem easier to get set up with whatever merchant processing service your lender or family friend refers you to, it is worth taking the time and taking a deeper look into your monthly bills. The fact of the matter is, 80-85% of our leads come to us with last months statements whilst processing with our competitors complaining about hidden fees and rate spikes. It is not surprising that a conglomerate merchant processing firm would not care about the individual business owner. They raise rates, and if a merchant’s business is in a rut, or not doing well during that month, they do not care. This is because they can simply afford to lose the merchant.
On the other hand, we at Bank Card Systems are confident that we can beat your current rates, and provide you with the most personal service you have ever experienced. Our customer service staff is at the ready every single day to answer to your needs and assist you with any grievances. On top of this, we are also a family business. Therefore, we understand the needs of small business owners in regards to breaks and low-costs. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us provide you with a more cost-effective service than the one you currently have. As a bonus, you will receive a free POS system for your business!
Reach out at (800) 223-8603 or today and join the BCS family!

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