Check Guarantee

Merchants can accept check payments in the same way as they would accept a credit card and see immediate With check guarantee technology, merchants can accept checks in the same way as they would accept a credit cardprotection from bounced checks and time saving by using Check Guarantee. We offer additional protections to include stop payment protection, electronic deposits, 90-day same-as-cash payment, as well as several other features.


Check Guarantee Program Highlights

  • Guarantee against bounced checks and NSF fees
  • Checks must be deposited at merchants bank
  • Check writer information verified against national negative database
  • 24-Hour customer service and technical support
  • Online & paper reporting
  • Check reader is recommended but not required
  • Stop Payment Protection
  • Checks on delivery
  • Pay over time - 90 Days Same-as-Cash Check Guarantee Protection
  • Check Guarantee on a Virtual Terminal
  • 10% fewer declines than our competition

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