Check Conversion

Paper checks can now be accepted at the point-of-sale just like credit cards.  Electronic Check Conversion can be easily added to your existing credit With check conversion technology, merchants can accept checks in the same way as they would accept a credit cardcard system. The process is very simple and requires an imager/reader to be attached to your terminal (Imager is provided for free with a new merchant account). The paper check is passed through the reader and verified against a database of negative files and bounced check writers. A match will result in an instant decline. In some circumstances, funds can made available through supported ATM networks. If the check is approved, the paper check must be stamped "ACH Processed" and returned to your customer. The transaction is complete at this point, and will be deposited into your bank account within 72 hours, just like a regular credit card transaction.  The check conversion program is supported by an online reporting system, and 24-hour customer and technical support.  This solution saves you accounting time, trips to the bank, accurate reporting, and most importantly - no more bounced checks.

Check Conversion Program Highlights

  • Guarantee against bounced checks and NSF fees
  • Checks processed like credit cards with greater merchant protection
  • Funds automatically deposited into merchants bank account
  • Checks are processed electronically at the point-of-sale
  • Check writer information verified against national negative database
  • 24-hour customer service and technical support
  • Online and Paper statement reporting
  • Requires a check imager to be attached to credit card terminal