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Bank Card Systems Goes Mobile

Rochelle Park, New Jersey – Bank Card Systems (BCS) merchants now have a checkout terminal at their fingertips with BCS’ mobile credit card processing solution. Customers can now accept signature debit cards and credit cards on iPads, iPods or iPhones. Merchants can process payments swiftly and securely.

The solution is so user friendly that merchants can be processing payments in no time. Merchants simply attach the mobile payment device to the cradle of their iPhone, enter the dollar amount and swipe the card. The credit/debit card number and logo will appear on the screen. Next, the transaction information will appear and can be verified by the customer who signs the receipt accepting the charges. Next an email pops up showing the receipt. The merchant can then email the receipt to the customer.

Bank Card Systems is offering this mobile solution free of charge. The accompanying app can also be downloaded free of charge. With this app and device, BCS is helping businesses grow while upgrading the quality of merchant services in New Jersey at the same time.


Add the Extra Edge to Your Business with Safe & Easy Payment Acceptances

Way back in the 19th century, running a business meant making a lot of arrangements for payment acceptance, most of which was done manually. This made transactions time consuming with lots of room for error. These factors don't affect the businesses established present day. The main reason being the advanced technology available to run safe and secure transactions; whether you are selling products and services in a storefront or online. A newly emerging trend in the world of business today, is online business. With today’s demand of online shopping, it is crucial that retail businesses develop a convenient and secure way for their customers to pay online. At such a time, having a smart and user friendly way to help you Accept Credit Card Payments smoothly is important. 

There are merchant services that provide online businesses with state of the art wireless terminals, POS Systems,  mobile and online solutions to promote fast and secure transactions which help you Accept Credit Cards from anywhere in the world. These systems are a great way to boost your business as you can now cater to your customers anywhere and ensure the best services for them. It is rare that companies offer credit card processing services coupled with free equipment like the free cash register integrated with credit card processing. However that is one amenity Bank Card Systems does offer. A free touch screen POS equipment is definitely an added bonus they also offer. These full systems are especially recommended for restaurants.

For the merchants on the go, the mobile swiper makes it possible to Accept Credit Cards on iPhone or Android phones. These devices and mobile applications benefit your business greatly. They increase your ability to cater to your customers with greater speed and accuracy.

While searching for credit card processing services from merchant service providers, you should look for the companies that offer the lowest processing rates and no contract; one that doesn’t charge a setup or installation fee. The best companies will ensure that budget never stops you from selecting the equipment of your choice; by offering free equipment with no lease, no rent.  

With that said, Bank Card Systems is one of the best merchant services providers in the industry. Featuring a wide range of free equipment such as cash registers, terminals, POS Systems and mobile solutions, they also make sure that with their ecommerce solutions you can easily Accept Online Payments as well. Their services are in fact not just confined to accepting credit cards but they also showcase an impressive stock of business solutions such as check services and cash advances.

Useful Business Solutions for You

An elementary aspect of expanding or starting a business involves taking loans and advances. However, taking a loan as easy as it sounds is quite tough when you actually approach the bank for financial help. In most cases if the bank finds you unsuitable to take a loan and repay it within a given time, the bank has every right to reject your loan request.

Taking a Business Loan from any source usually means fulfilling a number of complicated terms and conditions. Most business owners agree in desperation without searching for other less complicated solutions.
As a result, Bank Card Systems provides an option for a Cash Advance to their merchants in attempts to create an easy and hassle free financial solution. These solutions are designed to cater to the businesses wanting to expand and open new branches or outlets to attract more customers. BCS being a specialist in credit card processing services provides you with the advance or the loan against the credit card sales in a future date. These loans are available at flexible terms and the processing of requests is done quite speedily.

The process is quite simple: after submitting the application and required documents an approval response is given with 48 hours, the funding is then completed within 7 -10 business days. This is repaid later through credit card transactions on a daily basis. This is a fruitful funding solution for all those businesses that accept credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. Whether you are looking to expand your inventory, open a new store, pay your debts or taxes, overcome the problems of business seasonality or need some emergency funding for any reason, this is the solution for you.

These funding solutions come with easy repayment terms and no extra bindings on your other financial transactions. The loan qualifying criteria is equally easy and doesn't create any kind of hindrance in smoothly running your business.

Bank Card Systems offers other great products and services for your business such as a Credit Card Phone Swiper which is a mobile phone solution designed meticulously to provide your business with the comfort of Credit Card Processing through your android and apple devices. This innovative and smooth functioning system provides a strong platform for business expansion. The moment you download the application from the popular App Stores you can start processing from anywhere in the world.

You can surely reap the benefits of the products and services offered, but before signing up with a Credit Card Processing Company you must make sure it’s a genuine one. You must avoid companies whose prices escalate within 2 months of opening your merchant account. A lot of companies promise the lowest rates but it goes up as soon as you become a merchant. Bank Card Systems is one company whose deals are transparent and allows its merchants to close their accounts anytime without charging any cancellation fees.